March 26, 2011

Fashion help

Is this not the cutest? I wish it was in my size...
There are so many adorable clothes on Etsy. Some are handmade, and some are vintage. But I have a problem, I have the hardest time finding my size! Many of the vintage dresses are too small and with the handmade clothes I have to make a custom order for my size. I'm not real big, just very curvy. My bust size is in the 40's and I don't know what my waist size is but it certainly isn't no 32. *Sigh* I want to buy more handmade or even vintage but when your a voluptuous gal like me it's nearly impossible (Unless I have something custom made which means waiting for it to be made and then sent out...)

So does anyone know of an etsy shop that offers sizes for curvier girls? I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. I too am a curvy bigger girl and would love to buy some clothes from etsy too! :D

  2. I just tried doing a search on etsy for custom sizing for dresses and there are a good amount that will do this. Maybe you can check it out and see if these shops have the styles you like. Good luck!