March 11, 2011

Friday's Faves #4

Friday's Faves Theme: Child's Play

This week's faves was inspired by my daughter Tessa, who I only want to give the best to.

Waldorf Doll LUNA
This doll is the sweetest! You can find this pretty girl at atelierblueberrie. Luna would make a great gift for the little girl in your life. I'm sure Tessa would love one someday. $105.

Child Ceramic Tea Set
I wish I had a tea set as pretty as this when I was little, although I probably would have broken the dishes which is probably why my parents bought me a plastic set. You can find this at KathyCeramicRose. $50

Modern Child Chair
What a nice chair for a kids crafting table and you can choose the color you want to match the room! Of course, if one chair won't do you you could order the four chairs and table set from jessedirk. $270 

Matisse Sweet Halter Dress
This is such a sweet little dress! Its by babybeenos. Babybeenos has other beautiful dresses for your little darling to choose from. $44

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