March 30, 2011

A lesson learned and to be learned

What you should learn

Is that customer satisfaction goes a LONG way, even if it's at your cost, because in the long term you could have a life long customer.

Last week, a recent customer sent me a message saying she received a package from me that was not hers. My reaction: "Oh crap..." But I figured it out, customer #1 who received the packaged had bought an item from me recently which I sent out using first class mail, so I didn't have to print a shipping label. Everything was fine with her. But then I received another order not too long after customer #1 from customer #2. So, I made her order, printed her shipping label, or so I thought it was hers, and sent it on it's merry way. Turns out when I clicked "print shipping label" I clicked the wrong one and thus, it was sent to the wrong person.

How did I fix it? I informed customer #2 of the mix up and that customer #1 was shipping the package back to me which I would reimburse her for. But then I hadn't heard from customer #1 so I didn't know if the package was on it's way or not. So, I remade the cards, printed the correct shipping label and out it went. In addition, I refunded half the cost to customer #2 on her item and sent a coupon code to customer #1.

Customer #2 is the dream customer. Despite my mistake she was very patient and understanding and because of my prompt responses to her questions and getting her cards back out and refunding half of it, she says she will definitely be stopping back by.

What I learned

I will definitely be double checking what goes to who and probably be creating a shipping form to keep my orders straight.

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  1. What a bummer! I'm so paranoid about doing this that I check items like, 7 times before I seal the envelopes. It sounds like it worked out pretty well for you, though. Could've been a lot worse!