April 23, 2011

Awesome Last Minute Easter Egg Idea

So I was watching "Unwrapped" on the Food Network last night and they were talking about, well what else? Easter of course!

One of the segments they did was about a book called "Easter Eggs." It was filled with different decorating ideas, they featured a few of them but only two were my fave.

The first one is a great idea if you have any chalk board paint left over from a project.

Just give the kids some sponge paint brushes, hand over the chalk board paint and chalk and let them have a blast drawing designs on their chalk board eggs!

The second one I thought was fabulous.

Take a nail and a hammer and gently punch a whole at the top of the egg. Then, take a wooden skewer and insert it into the egg, poking a hole out the end, to remove the yoke and egg whites, push it out with the skewer repeatedly. Once you think it's all out, boil it in water to sterilize for 5 minutes. Then take a pastry bag filled with melted chocolate and use it to fill the empty egg (I noticed they did it while the egg was still in the carton, perhaps to keep the chocolate from dripping out?) Allow the chocolate to harden, crack open, and enjoy your chocolate egg! How cool is that?

Enjoy your Easter weekend! I know I will. Today, I have family visiting and Tessa's Dad will be here. We'll be going to the park in our Easter clothes to take pictures. Tomorrow our church is having a service with potluck and Easter egg hunt for the kids. I'm VERY excited, it will be Tessa's first Easter!


  1. Great idea about the chalk paint! I'll have to try the chocolate one out- looks devine!

  2. I love this idea!