May 24, 2011

Extra post today

There's a lot of things a parent waits for when it comes to their young one; first laugh, smile, the first time they sit up, first tooth and first steps. Well today, I can check off one of the many firsts to come, today, Tessa received her first tooth. We've been watching for that first little pearly white for some time now, although I was slightly surprised to wake up this morning and discover it. I expected Tessa to be much more fussy and possible develop a fever but she's quite the little trooper, just like her Mom and Dad.

On a side note; have you guys ever heard of It's a site that offers deals to members from a limited amount of Etsy artists. Whats great about this site is not only does it offer great deals to members it's main purpose is to help shops get their name out there. The first step is to submit up to five photos of your products and then the Heartsy community votes. If you receive at least 60 votes within three days your shop is moved on to the next process where your deals will be reviewed and then a date will be decided of when your deal be launched.

Since sales have been slow for the past month and it seems my shop hasn't been getting hardly any views compared to what it used to get, I've submitted a deal in hopes to gain new customers. So, if you'd like to receive a discount on my shop, and even if you don't, I'd really appreciate it if you guys vote for me to go on to the next step.

Thanks guys!

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