May 01, 2011

Hello Sunday, Goodbye Weekend...

Alas, another beginning of another week and the ending of what feels like a wasted weekend...

I'm not very good with managing time, I am a horrible procrastinator (Unless I'm suddenly hit with inspiration), which is not a good habit for a single Mom, because when you have a child, at any age, you better get things done that you need to get done pronto because you never know when they may need you (Right now I'm procrastinating on an order with this post, ha!).

I would very much like to make my Saturdays more productive, so, I will be combining "Healthy Mondays" with posts of weekend projects that I did, or worked on.

Now, this next weekend is Mother's Day and things have been so crazy around my house I don't know if any plans have been made for that Saturday, but if they haven't and I have the money, I might make a magnetic chalk/ bulletin inspiration board. Do you have any projects your just itching to get to?

To Do:
Magnetic Chalk/Bulletin Inspiration Board
Sunglasses holder
Tessa's first scrapbook page
Upcycled cigar box
Reupholstered fold-up chair
Refinished Desk

1 comment:

  1. i have a lot of projects to complete (in addition to making jewelry so i can reopen my etsy shop). i decided for projects that aren't urgent, i want to try and do one a weekend. we will see how it goes.