July 19, 2011

All Work, No Play

Well, sort of. I've actually been playing quite a bit lately since my niece and nephews have been visiting us for the past week and will be here all of next week; but my mind is always on my work, either telling me to stop goofing off and start creating or desperately trying to come up with new ideas as I sit and play Scrabble. Hmm... Maybe I'll make a Scrabble stationery set? Nah, not my style.

But I was able to take more photos and list two new items this week; one is a ready-to-ship set and the other is an old design in a new color.

Heart of Gold Stationery Set
This set has ten cards and ten envelopes. I hand embossed each heart individually and added a gold heart sticker in the bottom right corner. Because of limited supplies there will only be five of these sets available and once they're gone, they're gone. $11.40 at my Etsy shop

Many Thanks in Purple
I am now offering my Many Thanks set in purple, which I think is my favorite color for this card so far.

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  1. Beautiful cards Elissa! Your header is gorgeous!

    Judy K.