July 15, 2011

Friday's Faves: Lunch

I never had a fascination with lunch boxes before but then I saw an adorable vintage, metal lunchbox on Etsy and I thought, "What a cute way to store stuff!" Since at the moment I have cold and I am very tired and slightly delirious, you'll have to excuse me for not having any "captions" for the images like I normally do.

Vintage 1960's Corsage Metal Lunch Box - $21.95 @ kelleystreetvintage
Cute Metal Lunch Box - $15 @ ShaneLilyRain
Vintage Little Dutch Miss Lunch Box - $75.00 @OldCollectables
Vintage 1960's Quilt Top Plaid Lunchbox - $28 @ ThFancyLamb
Vintage 50's Junion Miss Floral Metal Lunch Pail - $35 @ ohdearthings
Vintage 1970s Era Blue and Pink Metal Lunch Box - $12.95 @ thecherrychic
Don't you think these would look lovely lined up on a shelf storing all sorts of goodies? I think so!


  1. I love these! Kitchen shelves, craft room storage, kids art supply storage...so many things you could use them for!

  2. These are adorable!! I loved lunch boxes when I was little, and these would make really cute craft storage:)

  3. Those are utter cuteness! I had no idea lunch boxes used to be so adorable and precious!

  4. hope you're feeling better! These lunchboxes are too sweet. My practical mom made our old lunchboxes into first aid kits for the car.

  5. Thanks! and I believe my cold is gone. Ruth, your mom was a smart lady