July 25, 2011

Some Things I Wish Some Etsy Shop Owners Would Do

I did some surfing on Etsy last week (Making a wish list of some things I would love to have when I go back to school) and I hit some bumps. I'd find an item I liked it but it was lacking some information...

Tee's (Or clothing in General)
I found a shop with some cute graphic tee's. They had the different sizes listed but there was one problem, there were no measurement's listed for each shirt. In some shops, I'm a medium, in others I'm a large or extra large and sometimes even a XXL (Those shops that put me at XXL can just eat it). I had no way of telling what size I was.

So please, list the measurements, you'll get more buyers that way.

I saw some really cute bags. But I would never even consider buying them. Why? Because there were no photos of the inside! For a school bag, I would like something with lots of pockets for pencils, my cell phone and note books. You can also tell a lot about the quality of the bag from the lining, but I guess we'll never, will we?

Please, take a picture of the inside.

In General
This goes for any item, jewelry, clothing, bags, even my stationery! Take pictures of your items next to something so we can get a visual of the size of your item with out having to dig through the drawer for a ruler and then having to imagine what it would look like at that size. If someone wants it bad enough they'll do these steps, or, they'll just keep looking. Who wants to chance a sale?


  1. Very true. Thanks for the suggestions. :)

  2. Awesome! Great tips for we sellers. I list measurements on some of my items but not all. This is a laziness issue and nothing more. Oh, maybe disorganized too! I agree also with the inside pics of bags. I NEED to know how it's going to function before I buy it.
    Lastly, I want to thank you for shopping on etsy. Don't forget that most sellers are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Good Luck with BTS!!! MonkeyandFriends