August 04, 2011

A fun, eco-friendly way, to sell your goods

How are you selling your goods? In your very own store? Out of your home? Online? Consignment? However your doing it, I have found a new way for you to sell your goods; but instead of trying to bring the people to you, why not go to the people?

I was reading one of my favorite blogs yesterday when I came across this article . This artisan takes her creations around Santa Cruz on her bike. She uses a child carrier as her "store." I thought it was rather genius of her.

What do you think? I think this is something that could only work for certain creations and in certain areas. For example, I don't think I could do something like this with the type of wares I sell and the area I live in. Stationery is a bit of a dieing breed as email and social networking has become the preferred method of communication, which is why I mostly sell thank you sets and wedding stationery, something that someone has to have a need for before purchasing. But feather extensions in Santa Cruze? On a bike? A perfect combination. I've never been to Santa Cruz but many coastal cities encourages bicycling and artisans. As for the feather extensions, it's a growing obsession among young girls all the way to women in their thirties. It's not the type of ware that you need someone to be in the market for specifically, it's an accessory. Generally, if women find something pretty, they like it, and they can afford it (and sometimes can't afford it), then they'll buy it. How many times have you gone to the store just to buy some mundane need, and then you see something cute in the clothes section and you end up buying a new outfit that you had no original intention of buying? I've done it lots.

If your considering doing this then you need to ask yourself some questions...

1. What are you selling?
2. What are the people like in the area you are considering selling?
3. Do you think you have the type of ware that could be sold from a bike?
4. Are the people in your area likely to buy your ware from a bike?

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  1. I always bring what I'm selling everywhere! So if I meet up with friends, colleagues, family, they can take a look at what I'm selling and hopefully they'll buy them :)