August 15, 2011

My weekend and some news

This is not my photo, just found this on the 'net
I had a great time at the beach this weekend. We pigged out on junk food, played board games and I almost set the house on fire. I bought Tessa a stuffed toy whale that I named Wendy, I collected some drift wood and found a whole sand dollar (if you've ever been to the beach you will know that it is nearly impossible to find an entire sand dollar). We went to the Avila pier and walked down the stairs to the water where we saw dozens of star fish clinging to the poles that were holding up the pier. It was a great vacation and just what I needed, I think.
Next week, starting August 22nd I will be starting school back up. So, my top priorities will be school, Tessa, and my shop which means I will be blogging less. I'll still blog on Monday's, Wednesday's I'll be blogging about the shop and updates and Friday will stay Friday's Faves. If I need to blog more and have the time to do it I will, but this semester will be hectic ad stressful as is and I feel that I need to downsize some.

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