September 30, 2011

Friday's Faves: You Say It's Your Bithday...

Look at that cute, fat, happy face! I love it!
...It's my birthday day, too, yeah! Not really, but in honor of my daughter's VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY being in less than one month, I felt it fitting to sing you that song. So enjoy today's post.

Sweet Girly Monkey Invitations by threekidspartyshop
Cowgirl Party Pack by KeikiCouture
Fabric Crown by rubyblueinc
Polymer Clay Toddler 1st Birthday by clayqts
Girls First Birthday Onesie by Mumsygoose
Pirate Birthday Invitation by atilley01
3 Piece Set Party Hat Diaper Cover Neck Tie by StacyBayless
Custom Birthday Cake Topper by missnatch
Happy Birthday Handmade Banner by  crazycardlady
Personalized Birthday Shirtonesie by shemorg

Is anyone else's baby turning one this year or has?

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