October 24, 2011

Open Monday: Last Minute Costumes from Pinterest

Halloween is only a week away and some of you may still be racking your brain for quick, easy, last minute Halloween costumes, be it for yourself or someone of your family. Well Pinterest is here to save the day!
This one can be done without sewing. Cut out the camera shape and straps from a fabric and use an iron-on adhesive found in the sewing section. Perhaps you could even use ric-rac for the straps.
I'm actually doing this one for Tessa's costume. I found a psychedelic fabric at walmart and package of iron on peace signs and gold ric-ric for the "chain" for the necklace and headband. Just use an iron-on adhesive  for the vest pieces, which I created patterns for with wax paper (it was see through so I could see what I was doing).
He's a leaf blower! Get it?

You or your child can dress as the weather man/woman! All you need is an umbrella, raincoat and boots. For the lightening and rain drops, just cut out some cardboard and cove in glitter.