December 14, 2011

New Wednesday: Upcoming Products

Well, the weather here has been a bit gloomy but should be brightening up. And it's due to that gloomyness that I was unable to take photos of my latest ready-to-ship stationery set. Which makes me sad because they are incredibly cute.

Here's a brief description since I can't show them to you yet:
It consists of 5 A2 cards, they are blue and white. There's some paper lace and pretty ribbons involved. They are possibly my favorite ready-to-ship set yet. By the way, hot glue may be awesome, but it sure is stringy. I think I spent a good chunk of my time getting rid of glue strings while making these cute little beauties.

Also, be sure to tune in Monday morning for a bit of re-purposing.

See you guys later!

I will be accepting orders until the end of this week, December 17th. Remember, I offer free gift wrap!

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