January 09, 2012

Open Monday: No sign of Sophie

Thank you everyone who left warm wishes for my Sophie and I. I'm writing this Saturday morning and still no sign of her yet, but who knows, perhaps she'll be home by the time you have read this. I've done everything I could for her, I put her bed outside in hopes the smell would bring her home, I put up posters, I went to the different animal shelters, called around to all the vets and even put an ad in the paper. I've done everything short of assembling a search party. At best, I hope someone found her and has given her a good home.

On a happier note, I have coupon code #94 and it's from Muddy Puppys of last weeks Friday's Faves. Use coupon code PUPPYLOVE to receive 10% off some tastey treats for your pooch!

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