February 21, 2012

Paper Tuesday: Heavy Cardstock

Have you ever tried folding heavy card stock by hand? It's a pain isn't it? I bought a bunch of this beautiful, green, heavy card stock to make cards for my shop. But when I tried folding it I had a hard time lining up the edges and when I did fold it, instead of a crisp crease down the center I had all these ugly wrinkles. So it's been sitting up in my closet, unused and untouched for nearly a year.

Then I saw this...

It's a board with rulers on the side and grooves all along the surface. You line your card up with the measurements, then take your "stick" (I don't know what it's called) and run it along on top of the paper into one of the grooves. This will score the paper and make it easier for folding. I want one... If bought brand new it can cost you over $30, but is totally worth it if you do a lot of paper crafts.

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