February 29, 2012

Paper Tuesday: Stamping on Vellum

Well I forgot to blog for Tuesday and since I don't have a post for Wednesday, we'll just pretend today is Tuesday!

Have you ever stamped on vellum, you know that clear, plastic-like paper, and the ink just smears? Well here are my tips:

Tip 1:
Don't use too much ink, that will just take longer to dry

Tip 2:
If you have one, or can borrow one, use a heating tool to help the ink set up. Be sure to keep moving the heating tool and not to get it too close to the paper or it will turn it orange-ish

Tip 3:
To check to see if it's dry or not, what I do is hold the stamped image up to the light and tilt it so I can see where it's still wet. If your still not entirely sure, take a tissue and carefully blot your stamped image, this will help to take off the excess ink and help you see if it's dry or not.

Tip 4:
For good measure, I let the image sit for a while and then go back to it to REALLY make sure it's good and dry and won't smudge. If it continues to smudge go back to step 2.

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