March 29, 2012

Thursday: Progress in the Craft Room

I don't exactly have a craft room, I have a bedcraftroom. I live with my mom, so my entire world is crammed into a small 10x12 room, that serves for homework, sleeping, dressing, and of course, my business. I've had to downsize on a lot of my personal things so that my room can function more for my business. I've sold books, put my desktop away that I NEVER use, and I'm still getting rid of things. So, every Thursday (hopefully every Thursday) I'll be sharing pictures and my journey to making the most of my teeny bedroom.

So this is my work area. I've actually already did quite a bit here already before I took the picture. There was just stuff piled on top of my desk; trash, mail, clothes, books, along with my computer monitor, keyboard and lamp, which already took a good amount of space on my desk as it was. Notice the screw driver on my desk? I had just taken down my makeshift "shelves" that had once housed all my embossing powders.

My makeshift shelves

My so-called "shelves" were sock drawer organizers that I never really made use of, so, I turned them sideways and hung them on the walls.

So what happened to all of my embossing powders? Well you see that bottom drawer there? That's where they are now.

I took pieces of cardboard from a box that I have had in my room forever and used them to create dividers in my bottom drawer. In the top left compartment are my embossing powders which I labeled, to the right of that, which you can't really see is my Xyron sticker maker which once sat on the wooden shelf above my desk. Below the sticker maker is my heat tool and to the left of that is glue, tape and what-nots.

Before, this drawer was filled and unorganized with ribbon spools and ribbon scraps. But now, my ribbon spools are hanging nicely, in plain site on a tension rod (stole this idea from the blog Sew Many Ways...) under my book shelf, and my ribbon scraps are in a vase that I found at the Salvation Army. 

The middle drawer has office-like necessities (Hello little owl post its! Aren't you just adorable and right where I need you too!) For this drawer I used some mis-matched dishes that I've collected that have been sitting packed away in my "hope chest" (hope-to-move-out-someday-chest). I figured, what's the fun in having them if they're not getting any use?

My ink drawer. At this point I ran out of cardboard but you get the general idea here.

So this is the very top drawer. I have no clue what to use it for just yet, right now it still has some junk in it. It also needs to be repaired before I make any big plans for it. You can't see it but the bottom part of the drawer in the far right corner is trying to detach itself from the sides.

So that's everything for today's Progress in the Craft Room. I doubt I'll have anything new done for next Thursday, so instead I'll be telling you of my future plans.

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