January 28, 2011


Can find this tin @ www.havenvintage.etsy.com
Do you ever get this NEED to redecorate? Organize? I do... And its always when I don't have money, so it NEVER gets done.

I desperately want to redo my bedroom! See, I am an unemployed, single Mother, who lives with her mother so all my stuff is crammed into one small room. A lot of it is stuff I have no clue what to do with and a lot of it is papers I feel like I should keep and odd electronics they tell you not to throw away so it just sits in a drawer (I have two junk drawers, TWO!). I want a room to call my art studio, a room big enough, that I don't have to keep things high up on shelves and have to step on a chair ever twenty of minutes because I realize I need something (I'm really short, like 4' 11" short). I want a studio space, separate from my bedroom.

But enough complaining; now, lets get to finding a solution. I have two junk drawers, one I would REALLY like to be completely cleared for crafting stuff. I LOVE vintage tins and I think they would be great for storing embellishments and scrap paper.


I think it would be wonderful to find some old sewing machine drawers to store my cards in instead of the cheapy plastic baskets I got from the Dollar Tree which doesn't have much character to them at all.


Right now, all of my rubber stamp are setting on just one level of my book shelf. How cool would it be to find an old metal rack that can stand up so I can double the space for my stamps?

                I'd love to replace my modern desk lamp for this cheery, bright, industrial vintage one.

Instead of posting ideas and reminders on a boring bulletin board, I'd rather use magnets and clothes line hangers on this.

I think once the weather gets a little warmer around here, I'll go yard sale hopping; maybe I'll get lucky, and maybe I'll sell a few thins myself.

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