January 27, 2011

Hello friends!

On most days, I get up at about seven sometimes early if the little tyke is hungry. I then change her diaper, well, more like trying, she's very squirmy in the morning and sometimes I have to chase her around her crib (not quite, but almost). Once she's changed its feeding time! Once she's burped and happy she goes in her chair to play and I go on etsy to renew, look at articles...blah blah blah. I look up and it says I have one conversation. Well I know I haven't sold anything, I open it and guess what I found! I had been featured in a treasury.

I love being featured. It just feels so good to be recognized and appreciated for something made. Some days I get very discouraged when I don't make a sale, but then someone puts me in their treasury and I know I can do this!

You can view it here:
I love flowers...

I have two new listings! I call them my shabby chic cards. They are the same cards just different sizes and the colors are customizable. They are made from a kraft card stock. For the front, I attached a hand stamped, paper lace and embossed circles, on the inside I attached another strip of paper lace. And as always, they both come with a handmade, resealable envelope, also made from kraft paper. You can see more photos here:

Shabby Chic cards 

So here is template number one for wedding invites. I'm not that crazy about it, but then again it hasn't been jazzed up, this is BASIC, I have another idea that I will try probably after this weekend. So let me know what you guys think!


  1. Those look really good. Have you ever thought about trying to talk to local wedding planners or possibly local florists? I'm sure people out there buy custom invitations for weddings and the like...

  2. That's an idea... But I want to see how this goes before I decide to do it again.