March 04, 2011

Friday's Faves #3

Friday's Faves Theme: "Get on your bikes and ride!"

In honor of my new bicycle I just purchased, which I LOVE, this weeks theme is bicycles and what better way to start it off with some Queen lovin'.

Pink Dreams
This is so pretty. I love the softness of it and the vintage quality the Polaroid 660 land camera gives (Is there such a thing as a Polaroid 660 ocean camera? Sky camera?). You can find this print and others like it at GabrielleKai. this one is $15.

Ghost Rider Magnet Art
I just find this one comical, and the description for it is sure to bring a smile from your face, by rachelgertrude. $6.

Bike Bell, Red Swirly Initial
I LOVE this bike bell, I might just get one for Veronica! SpokeNWheel has lots of wonderful bike bells just as cool, if not cooler than this one. $16

Vintage Cruiser Tool Kit
This just oozes cool. This is a vintage cruiser tool kit but would look chic on any bike. Hey! I could use one of these... $195 at HideAndCyc

Vintage Schwinn Supper Deluxe Starjet Bike
This is such a beautiful bike, if I only had the money. How cool would you look though cruising down the street in this baby? You can find this at thestrikingmatch for $450

Vintage S Seat Schwinn Bike Seat
I like this seat. But it doesn't have be just used as a replacement for your old Schwinn bicycle seat. I'm picturing a bright, yellow, painted wall, with this seat and other vintage bicycle paraphernalia hanging on it, maybe some wheels, an old biking poster here, there, bicycle basket with some flowers... I'd do it. You can get this seat, or potential wall art at VintageNewHampshire for $45

Custom Bike Seat
As for my last piece, I thought I'd throw this beauty in. Its a custom bike seat by CarsonLehDesign. This would be a nice little treat for yourself or as a very special gift to a loved one. I love the coloring of it and how its darker at one end. And the great thing about leather is that the older and more worn leather gets the more beautiful. Just imagine what your butt could do to this baby. $120

Thats it for this Friday's Faves. I hope it will inspire you to get out there and explore on your bike, if you don't have, borrow a friends. Some cities even rent bikes out. Or you could just walk it!

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