March 04, 2011

Crafting Trends

When you stare at all the goodies Etsy has to offer as often as I do, you start to notice trends. I've compiled a list of what I believe to be the top ten trends on Etsy, in no particular order.

Sweetheart Vintage Textile Bunting by monkeypuzzle

Bunting is VERY popular right now, so popular that as you read this your probably saying, "Well, duh!" I've been seeing it in jewelry, paper crafts, art, ceramics and pottery, accessories and of course, decor for every occasion. I'll even be participating in this trend soon.

Yellow Eye Owl by woolbuddy

I've been seeing owls every where, too. I even bought myself this adorable owl keychain from Needlings (Which I will be telling you all about once I receive it in the mail.)

Queen for a Day by clairelafaye
Anything Weddings

Another "Well, duh!" moment.


Wood Kitchen or Bathroom Wall Shelf by ACOUNTRYWAY
The Color Mint

I've been seeing this color everywhere, not just Etsy. Its a great color for spring, its fresh and it fits with everything, from jewelry to accessories to geekery!

The Swing Set by irenesuchoki

This one I'm seeing mostly in photography. I've noticed a lot of them have this faded, washed, antiqued look to them.

Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake by artyscapes
Keep Calm

I've seen so many variants of this, all of them are fun and even inspiring... Like this one! I want cake now...

Quintessential Mix of Mustaches Set of 5 by whiskerworks
The Mustache

I see them attached to sticks, shirts, mugs, even pacifiers!

Lips on a Stick The Toothy Grin by MaroDesigns
The Lips

This one isn't as prominent as the mustache but it does go hand in hand so I just had to add it

Jellyfish Sea Monster by BlackBaroque
Painted/drawn Art on Printed Pages

This may not be one of the bigger trends on this list but there are quite a few artists on Etsy doing it and I think its a great way to recycle unwanted books and old newspapers.

Beautiful little dress and flower sash by MyLolaFashion
Bright Blues

I've been seeing this a lot in Treasury and during random searches, could this be a trend?

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