February 23, 2011

Handmade is awesome

I love the idea of being able to make a life for yourself instead of paying someone else to do it for you; to literally make a home for your family from your own two hands. People used to make their own soap, sew their own clothes, build their own houses, make butter, bread and have their own vegetable garden. So many skills have been lost in the name of progress. Most of us just buy what we need. The only good thing to come of this recession is that people are going back to basics, although I don't think anyone is building their own houses anymore. But many have gone to growing their own veggies and making their own meals instead of buying them. I know I would love to become a better seamstress to make my own clothes, but I'm still trying to teach myself how to sew a straight line and finding time is difficult, I want to be able to cook a good meal.

Most of you who are reading this blog probably already know about the Buy Handmade Challenge. But for those who may not know; Buy Handmade isn't just a website or challenge its a pledge that you sign online to buy things that are only handmade. By buying handmade you know exactly who you are supporting, it's actually better for the economy because by buying handmade you know that money you spend will go back into the economy, supporting it, and helping it grow back into its healthy state. I would love to be able to participate in this pledge, but for now, I'm just not financially able. Can you, would you and will you take the handmade pledge?

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