February 06, 2011

Happy Sunday and Happy Birthday!

Lovely, no?
Things change so much when you get older. When your young you have little birthday parties and invite all your friends to eat dessert and play silly games. And then when your adult you go out to dinner with friends or family or you still have a party but the celebrating is different. Last weekend my brother came up from Bakersfield and took us out to dinner for my birthday. Yesterday, to my surprise a very good friend sent a gift to me. Perhaps you've heard of it, its a silly board game called Quelf. I can't wait to play it. This morning I awoke to a very lovely, touching card and birthday money from my Mom which I used to purchase a very beautiful dress that I can't wait to wear!

My last post I said I would attempt to make a brag book for my Mom based on a project posted on Design*Sponge . It took all day yesterday and came out good, if I do say so myself  (But I know I can do better). However, I was unable to find the time to take pictures; BUT I do have this awesome photo to post for you; its my attempt at sewing a straight line.
I'm terrible at sewing

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