February 16, 2011

TiIIIIiiiime is on my side, yes it is! *singing*

I will admit that I waste time more than I like to, who doesn't?

When I got up this morning to check up on my Etsy store (still no sales, but "I will survive!" okay, no more song quotes...for today :P ), as always, I also checked to see what was new in the Etsy blog and found this really good, eye opening article about how much time gets wasted each day doing silly things. For example, I spend way too much time on Facebook, watching T.V or getting my eye fill of all the beautiful goodies Etsy has to offer. Yes, there is such a thing as spending too much time on Etsy. But there are times when its okay to be doing all these things. I use Facebook to advertise my store and my blog and sometimes I have conversations with people on there. I like to watch the Food Network and it inspires me to get creative with my eating and browsing Etsy inspires me in my own creations.

"There are taboos against wasting life, and wasting time is just wasting your life minute by minute."*
 Today, I think I'm going to try my own little experiment. I'm going to try to not waste time and write down in my little notebook of when I do. I soon as I click on "publish post" I am going to get up, get dressed and begin my day as I had planned out in my head yesterday. I'm going to turn off the T.V. and the computer. I challenge you to do the same.

*provax, TeenAngster. "Experiments in Wasting Time." Etsy.com. 2011. February 16, 2011. <http://www.etsy.com/storque/spotlight/experiments-in-wasting-time-12323/>

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  1. I've come over from Swap-Bot for the Support Your Partner's Blog swap. This post really hit home for me, because I find myself wasting a lot of time as well. I'll get up in the morning, fully intending to just check a few places online and the next thing I know, it's noon and I need to get lunch for my boys. Time slips away so easily. I think I'm going to try to answer your challenge. I'm convinced it'll shock me!

    -- Amber (PisceanMama)