March 17, 2011

Japan Relief and Etsy

One of the reasons I love buying and selling on Etsy is because of the strong sense of community; not just among other sellers but through out the world. With every natural disaster, Etsy sellers have banned together to raise money for those in need by selling their items and then donating the proceeds to a relief fund. I myself have only a few items listed in my shop up for sale for the Japan Relief, and the proceeds will be donated to World Vision. So here are some items that stuck out to me on Etsy that you can buy to help those suffering in Japan.

Heart for Japan
This one really fits the situation I think. It expresses love and the gift of giving which is what we're all about here this week. All proceeds of this print will be donated to The Red Cross and you kind find this and others like it at Elephant Dancing for $22.

Help Japan
I think this piece speaks for itself. You can find it at Kalimate for $46.45. All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.

Japan Disaster Relief Bracelet
This bracelet is very simple in its design but very impacting. Before I read the description I knew that it represented the Japanese flag. All proceeds will be donated to The American Red Cross. You can buy this bracelet for $5 at Top Knotch.

Origami Paper Crane
The description for this actually brought tears to my eyes. The crane is $5 and you can buy it at Fawning in Love. All proceeds will be donated to Save the Children, an organization dedicated to helping children in emergencies.

That's it for this one folks, I will definitely be posting more later on and hopefully I will be able to feature sellers who are donating to the relief fund.

I hope you all find it in your hearts to do something to help those who are in desperate need.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit each of our shops, and making a wonderful blog post about everyone! This was very thoughtful and heartfelt.

    Japan Needs Our Help!!