March 15, 2011

Not much to say for today

Pretty Pink Thank You's
Hello my friends, just wanted to let you know that this week might be slow on my blog. I've recieved two large orders that I need to work on this week. One is for my set of monogrammed cards and the other is for a set of my pretty, pink, thank you cards.

Monogrammed Cards
I also have some really exciting news, you may not find it so exciting but I just had to share. Yesterday I was contacted through Etsy by a woman who is opening an online store with items from etsy sellers, she wants 52 note cards. I know its a good opportunity but I keep going back and forth.

1. It gets my name out there more
2.It's a large order and would help out a LOT

1. Her style doesn't match my style
2. I'm wanting to do this slowly since I'm starting school in summer and hope to get a job, if I agree to this I may become overwhelmed with too many orders

I don't know what to do. Any insight to those who have experience with selling?

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