March 01, 2011

Today I spent the better part of my morning creating some new sets of Thank you cards, much like this one. Once I have embossed them and made envelopes for the sets (and the sun comes out) I will start adding them to my shop. I also have some ideas for new birthday cards; which I am sorry to say, my site is sadly lacking.

Also, I've been working on finishing up those monogrammed note cards for The Only Best of Etsy giveaway that I'm doing, I'm very excited. I hope who ever wins will enjoy their card set immensely.

Rose Heart Broken China Necklace

So there's this very unique Etsy seller that's apart of an Etsy team that I created called Bloggers Unite! Distressing Delilah creates very unique, beautiful pieces of jewelry and photography as well. Her prints have a vintage quality to them. Her jewelry is made from vintage and retro items which makes them all the more fabulous. My favorite piece is the one pictured to the left here, Heart on a String and the photo just below is one of her photography prints, On a Line
The owner, who's real name is Jenn, is from Gloversville, New York. Not only is she an Etsy seller but a mother, she loves to run, people and butter cream frosting. But who doesn't like butter cream frosting? MMMmm... I want cake now. 
If you enjoy her work you can follow her on her blogs, Shabby Accumulations and  So Distressing. Happy shopping!

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  1. awwwh!!! Thank you! This is so sweet!!! and yup..ya gotta love butter cream frosting!!!