February 28, 2011

Monday? Already?

Here's Veronica!
Oh, Mondays, nobody likes you, you should just go away...

So what did my readers do this weekend? This weekend I spent every spare moment teaching myself how to ride my somewhat-new Huffy. Its so pretty... I shall call her, Veronica. Such a lovely name, don't you think?

Yes, I know, I am twenty-two years old with a baby and I am just NOW learning to ride. I just didn't have the patience nor the drive to teach myself, and neither did my parents, which was a shame since they had bought me a used bike fixed up nice for me. I wonder what happened to that bike? No matter.

Since being an adult and not being able to ride a bike was (notice I said was, because now I CAN ride) humiliating, I tried to teach myself on our too small back patio, but I just kept falling over. I had been at this for an hour, finally I sucked up my pride and asked my mommy for help. She gave me some pointers and after a while I was able to push myself forward and stay balanced. But the back patio just wasn't big enough to try and pedal a good enough distance to get the hang of it. So, under the cover of darkness, I quietly crept into the street. "Gasp! The neighbor is outside smoking... Drat, my plans have been soiled!" Okay, not that dramatic maybe, but the neighbor WAS smoking outside so I pretended to be sitting up on my bike observing the constellations; by the way, Orion is looking very nice these winter months. But enough of that. After just a few tries I was able to ride a good distance but I weebled and I wobbled and then I fell down. But I was so proud of myself! Now after, tonight, as long as I go straight and try not to turn, I can ride a bike just fine!

I just love Veronica.

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