April 13, 2011

"Green" Easter Grass

Isn't this prettier than that fake stuff?
So I was watching Kathie Lee and Hoda the other day and they were talking about a very "green" Easter grass (literally) for baskets.

Instead of using store bought grass for your baskets, why not grow wheat or rye grass in them instead? Just line the basket with plastic and add a few stones in the bottom for drainage, add soil and plant seeds accordingly. In ten days you'll have a beautiful lush basket. Don't forget to water.

I like this because it's eco friendly, you don't have that fake grass that gets everywhere (seems like months after Easter we were still vacuuming it up). Once the egg hunt is over you can use it as centerpiece at the dinner table for days and it's just prettier.

If you don't want to put the money into buying the soil and then the seeds and then having to grow it ahead of time; here's another idea that is virtually free. Save up your junk mail and newspapers, paint them green or another easter-y color (even white would pretty!) and run it through the shredder or have the kids help you cut it up into thin strips; you can even have them help paint the paper and who says the paper has to be painted a solid color? Let them finger paint on it! This DIY will save you a few dollars, and give you and the kids something fun to do together.


  1. It's brilliant!
    My little one just asked to make one for Easter!

  2. I love this idea! My husband hates that fake easter grass more than anything; we find bits of it around the house for months after!