April 12, 2011

Some new stuff for ya!

I've got some new items this week, as promised.

First up, is my new thank you card set, "Many Thanks." I think this one is my favorite so far. It's available in teal, black, blue and pink and I will soon be offering it in purple!
 In addition to that, I'm also now offering my original Thank You set in the same colors, you can view them here

I also created a new monogram set. It's very simple. If your not fond of the heart I can replace it with a circle or square. The monogram can be done in teal, black, blue or pink, so it can be really customized.

And for Mother's Day, I created a beautiful green card with "Happy Mother's Day" stamped in gold. In each corner I embossed a flower design and I added a ribbon as that final touch. I will be adding more Mother's Day cards soon and then it's on to Father's Day!

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