April 11, 2011

Healthy Monday #3

I dropped a pound this week! So now I'm at 133.

Do you guys count your calories? I kind of do. I don't keep track of how many calories I eat in a day, but with certain foods I measure out my portions or follow certain "rules" I give myself. For example, I measure out a serving for a bowl of cereal and that's all I'll usually eat in the morning, sometimes I'll eat fruit with it. This way I don't go crazy and fill my bowl with too much. With dinner, it's a little harder to figure out whats considered a serving, depending on what it is. This is where my rule fits in. Last night I ate hamburger helper and broccoli. I piled on what broccoli I wanted first, and then gave myself a smaller portion of hamburger helper. I was still hungry so instead of going for more helper, I ate the rest of the broccoli. During weeks I remember to do this, I don't indulge too much and I lose a pound or two.

Do you guys give yourself rules when it comes to controlling your eating habits? 


  1. Oh god. The one rule I NEED to stick to is to eliminate, or at least cut WAY back on sugary things, but I am having a tough time with it. I feel like all of my other eating habits are in order... it's just this one thing! But it's a huge thing, calorie-wise! Good luck, you're doing awesome.!

  2. Broccoli is very good for you, so it is great that you ate it all:):) I can't seem to stick to any of the rules regarding food...sigh!... what can I say??

  3. You know amanda, I have a problem with that too, I try to just not keep sweets in the house. When I am in the mood for something though I just buy a candy bar or if I'm wanting ice cream I buy a scoop from an ice cream shop so I'm not stuck with a bucket full of ice cream and thousands of calories. Hope that helps!