April 28, 2011

Thursday's Faves

I'm switching days here, but only for this week. Today, I'm doing Faves instead of tomorrow because this week's week theme is

The Royal Wedding

and since the wedding is tomorrow I wanted to get this weeks theme up before everyone could witness Will and Kates nuptials.

093ct Natural Sapphire Diamond Ring in 18k white gold
I couldn't leave out the infamous engagement ring; however, I wanted it to be a different style, but just as beautiful and fit for a (future) queen. I found this beauty at honngaijewelry for $1,120

I think Kate Middleton would look beautiful in anything, but I think I could see her in something like this. Her style is very chic, modern and she just seems like a minimalist to me. I think she would be dazzling in this. You can find this at AngelsBridalBoutique for $799

5x7 1969 Rolls Royce
It's been rumored that Kate Middleton is supposed to be going to the wedding in a Rolls Royce. All I can say is, "Good choice, Kate, good choice." You can't find an actual Rolls Royce on etsy, but you can find this 5x7 of one at marisabelfineart for $12.50

Men's Black and Tan Deco Vintage Silk Bowtie
Wouldn't it be awesome if Prince William wore a tie like this to his wedding? He'd be very dapper... And so adorable! You can get this for your man at TheSwankChap for $15

Silver Plated Rhinestone Bridal headband
I had to throw in a tiara; you can't have a royal wedding without a tiara, right? You can buy this beauty for your wedding, or if you feel like wearing it just to wear it (hey, I'm not judging!) at, NancysGem for $8.99

Royal Wedding Tea Towel
What cute tea towels! Wouldn't this make a great gift for the newly weds? I think it would make a great gift for any newly wed really. You can find this at helenacarrington for $21

So, will you be watching the wedding? I'm going to try.

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