May 18, 2011

Distinctive Decor

Distinctive Decor
Tell us your name, the name of your shop and what it is that you do here on Etsy.
Rhonda Koebel, Distinctive Decor, Hand Painted, Personalized Gifts and Decor

What is your family life like? (i.e. how many children, their ages, names, are you a single mom? Are they supportive of what they do and so forth?)I'm a homeschool mom of 3 kids and have a wonderful supportive husband. He's actually the one that encouraged me to give Etsy and crafting a try.

Do you have another job outside of Etsy and outside of the home?
I homeschool all 3 of my kids which takes quite a bit of time.

How do you balance home life, Etsy and work?
I try to set a schedule to make sure I have time for everyone and everything. It works "most" of the time.

What made you decide to sell on Etsy? I've always loved painting and finally started doing craft shows. They were pretty successful so I finally got the courage to try Etsy.

Do you feel pretty successful in your Etsy shop or is there room to grow? If you feel successful is there a secret you'd like to share with us? I feel successful in my business, but I'm also the type of personality that has to be perfecting everything. I add new items frequently and offer discounts to repeat customers. I think the fact that most of my items are personalized help with my sales.

What do you feel makes your shop special and unique? Everything I offer is completely unique. Ideas come to my mind and I can't rest until I paint them. I love coming up with new ideas and products.

As Mom's, things get chaotic and find it hard to stay focused, how do you stay focused and motivated? I take at least one or two hours after everyone goes to bed, with the house completely quiet for myself or my shop. This helps relieve a lot of the stress of trying to do ten things at once.

Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
I'm always looking for new ideas and love to create things with the customer. I love a challenge and am happy to paint a completely new product.


  1. Beautiful paintings from a talented artist! I totally can relate to having "me" time after the kids go to bed, that's exactly what I do!

  2. Great shop and feature! :) I don't know how you find time with 3 kids...I only have one and feel crazy!

  3. What a talented artist! Off to check the shop!


  4. Seriously--so talented! I will check out her shop now!

  5. Wow! I have no idea how she keeps up with everything!