May 19, 2011


 Now that my Dream Home Series is over and gone ( I can only have so many rooms!), Thursday is now all about being "green" and I don't mean green with envy! Although some of these posts may make you a little envious and have you thinking, "Why didn't I think of that!" From upcycling to saving money to repurposing and everything in between, Thursday will have your mind reeling with ideas and inspiration to improve on your "green" life.

There's so much junk and trash in the world and then people just keep buying stuff so people keep making stuff and more stuff gets bought and so forth and it just keeps building! That's why repurposing is just so cool; it's taking something and turning it into something else that you need. For our first post in the new series I have some pretty awesome pics of repurposed items that I found online that I just HAD to share!
 This is so cool! If your living in a house or apartment where the landlord won't let you paint the walls, this will definitely add some color to your walls.

Ah, yes, the pet bed made from a suitcase or similar luggage, I remember when these first became popular and they were EVERYWHERE on Etsy

 This is just too cool, and very functional! You can store what you need inside your table!

I love picnic baskets, so when I saw this my jaw just dropped. You could do this with a suitcase, too.

 Great idea to display your jewelry for those craft shows, or if you don't do craft shows it'd be a great jewelry box. Love it

Add a hinged lid to these drawers and you've got a storage chest! Upholster that lid and you have an ottoman or perhaps a seat! This may be my next project!

This is pretty awesome, shutters turned into a bookshelf, why didn't I think of that?

This is great for the crochet/knitting enthusiast

Which is your favorite?

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  1. Lovely post! I saved a bunch of those photos to my favourites -- such great ideas!

    Thanks for posting my coupon code, too!

  2. Very nice. It definitely gives me some ideas.