May 20, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Friday

This weeks Friday's Faves is... Sorry for the short post.

Pop Culture

New Benzo Couture Tshirts Feat Lady Gaga
I like Lady Gaga, she's kind of my guilty pleasure because I rarely listen to that style of music or even a female artist but Gaga is bomb diggity and so is this shirt, not to mention a limited item so better get 'em while you can! By BenzoCouture for 29.99

Bellas Moonstone Silver Ring
Moonstone is such a beautiful stone, I've been wanting a moonstone ring myself ever since I've heard of them and their gaining popularity. This moonstone ring is based off the ring Bella wore in the movie Twilight, by StartupSterling for $50

Steampunk Jack Sparrow
With the new POTC movie coming out I had to include Jack Sparrow! My jaw didn't just drop when I saw this, it fell off, hit the floor, bounced down some stairs and into a never ending manhole and then I text my brother telling him about all the magnificent things this person makes. No joke. So, you can have your own personal, metal Jack Sparrow from Kreatworks for $7,700

XO Hugs and Kisses Necklac
Such a cute necklace! This cutie patootie is by classicdesigns and was inspired by Lea Michele from the hit T.V. series, Glee. $99

Love Necklace in Silver
Another adorable necklace, only this time it's inspired by Katie Perry and created by TAKCreations. $17

I had a couple more items listed but they sold before I could post this so I'm afraid it's a short today. Oh wells.

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  1. That xo necklace is sooo sweet!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :)