May 03, 2011

Lets get it to 100!

So we've made it to 50 followers, which is awesome since for the longest time I only had 9; but I would love to see 100.

So, as an incentive for you to get your friends following, I will be posting coupon codes for every new member that follows, from other shops on Etsy. For the 100th follower I will be posting a coupon code for my own shop for 15% off of your purchase which will be good for one month. Pretty neat huh? I think so.

So if you want those coupon codes you can get your friends following by posting on facebook, tweeting, blogging, or whatever about the Coupon Code Extravaganza!

This is so cute, I love it
Today's coupon code is MOMFREESHIP at MsVeronicas for free shipping on your items!


  1. great idea. I just found you on the EBT page and signed up to follow. Please check out my blog at

    I just passed 100 followers. YAY!!!

  2. Thanks for the post.

  3. What a great idea! It will be great fun to check in, see your blog, and see the shops being added and their codes. Thank you!