May 10, 2011

New Tuesday

So, I've been trying to reserve Tuesdays to announce new shop items or updates, new ideas for my blog and such. But sometimes I just don't have anything "new" for Tuesday. So, today, it's all about new undiscovered Etsy shops

AAAaawww, how cute! This must be for a doll house right? Nope, guess again. Still don't know? It's a tissue box cover! How friggin' cute is that? Studioll, a new, undiscovered shop on Etsy makes these. Awesome.

Jessica Ellingson
I've been seeing this style of bracelet a lot and they're just beautiful. JessicaEllingson makes this particular one.

I love owls... and Cookies, so I could really eat these cuties up (especially since I have milk and oreos on the brain right now). These are made by thehunniepot (cute name)

coupon code time...

So three new people have joined our little family, making us 64 strong and that means that today you get three new coupon codes. Enjoy!

Use coupon code YIPPEE10OFF for 10% off at SewSavoirFaire

Use coupon code LMC15 for 15% off at AdelynStone

Use coupon code LITTLEMISSCARDS to receive 10% off at folklure


  1. Thanks for featuring my coupon/necklace! i'll be writing a blog post mentioning my coupon on your blog and posting a link to your blog as well :)

  2. It's a really cute necklace

  3. Thanks for featuring me at The Hunniepot!!

  4. Thanks for the feature!!! sharing this with everyone!!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring one of my custom pet beds! Darn that little orange cat for trying to make everything her own! :p I will be sure to link your blog also!