June 21, 2011

More changes

Yeah, I know, seems like these day's I'm announcing new changes rather than adding new items to my shop. But oh well.

You have probably noticed the blog looking a little different here lately. Before,the background was the same damask pattern as my banner.

Speaking of banner, I will also be getting a new one for my shop that I have asked my brother to work on, once he's come up with that I'll be asking him to make a larger version for the blog and some matching buttons leading to my shop and Facebook fan page. I can't wait! He's a wonderful artist.

Also, I will be rephotographing my products. Taking pictures outside has become such a hassle, I have to wait for the right time of day, sometimes the wind blows my cards away while I'm trying to photograph them, the weather is too cold, too hot, too rainy, too cloudy... And it will get worse as winter approaches. So, I've bought a table top photo kit so I can take professional photos, indoors, whenever I want. I will also be adding some new colored paper along with new designs. I'm hoping to relaunch my shop July 1st.

Can't wait to show you guys all the new goodies!

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