June 28, 2011

Ooooh, whats going on (whats going on)

Last week I ordered a bunch of new supplies (mostly rubber stamps-my fave) which all came in at the same time yesterday; poor mail man, always delivering something to my door. Soon, I'll begin designing Christmas card sets and baby announcements, new thank you cards and blank stationery sets as well. But first, with my new handy-dandy (Ha! I almost said notebook) table top photo studio, I will be spending the week retaking photos of my current items and editing them; on second thought, that may take two weeks.

This past week, while waiting on the edge of my seat for my new supplies, I've been spending time creating spreadsheets, pricing guides, codes, inventory and supply lists and I even made a supply wishlist (among that list is colored paper, ink pads and new stamps for new products I'll be offering). I'll be going back to school soon and I need to try and keep everything as organized as possible as I find time to study and take care of my daughter.

I am currently making changes to my blog as well. You may have noticed the new banner up top which is much better than the old one. The logo part "LMC"  was designed by my brother, I think he did a great job, while I created the banner part. I am quite proud. I'd like to hear what you guys think of the blog make over so far, keep in mind it's not finished.

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