June 29, 2011

All Sewn Up

Tell us your name, the name of your shop and what it is that you do here on Etsy.
My name is Melissa, my shop is All Sewn Up. It is a shop that sells fun kids products. I like to sell items that are equal parts earth friendly, mom friendly, and kid friendly!

What is your family life like? (i.e. how many children, their ages, names, are you a single mom? Are they supportive of what they do and so forth?)
I have two children. Izabella is a sassy little one and half year old and my wild son Max is three years old. I'm a work from home mom with a part time out of the home job.

Do you have another job outside of Etsy and outside of the home?
Besides the full time job of my kids who stay home with me all week, I teach home based preschool, and run a 55 hour/week home daycare by myself. I'm a returning college student, and just picked up a weekend job waitressing. I wish for more success in etsy to help me narrow all of that down!

How do you balance home life, Etsy and work?
Lots and lots of Triple Grande Vanilla Soy Lattes, and a super supportive husband! Oh, and plenty of unsocial late nights!

What made you decide to sell on Etsy?
I reopened shop with a new ine-up when my son was two. He had eczema that kept him from being able to use store bought play doughs so I tried recipe after recipe to find a milder alternative and the olive oil dough was born. I wanted to share this with other families with the same affliction! So, I offer my recipe as well as the pre-made doughs.

Do you feel pretty successful in your Etsy shop or is there room to grow? If you feel successful is there a secret you'd like to share with us?
If success is measured by amount of sales or anual income... hmm definitely room for improvement. But if it is being measured by the feed back on etsy or other messages of gratitude, then I say yes! I've had repeat customers and very supportive response from my customers!

What do you feel makes your shop special and unique?
I think my shop is unique because the recipes I use are my own. All of my kid products are tested by my own two kids. I won't sell something I wouldn't or haven't used myself. Maybe that isn't completely unique, but I feel it's pretty special.

As Mom's, things get chaotic and find it hard to stay focused, how do you stay focused and motivated?
My kids and I have a deal. Whenever I'm making batches of dough to send out, we make a batch together for our home. My involving my kids this way and by doing our geography lessons, based on where we are shipping to makes it together time, rather than taking away from 'our' time.

Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
As a vegetarian family our products are aways vegan friendly!
Also my shop/home blog has bunches of free kid ideas, which I add to every week, and promo codes are offered to my followers! AllSewnUpetsy.blogspot.com

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  1. you are way too awesome for doing these features! Thanks so much!