June 18, 2011

Special Saturday Post: Displaying

Hello friends, I know it's been a little while since I've done the Special Saturday Post since I went on vacation from blogging for a full week, so here's a little refresher...

Last time we talked about planning the event, when a good time is to have it, where to have it and a list of things you'll need. I also promised to talk more in depth about some of the items on that list and among those items was a way to display, which, in my opinion, is the most important.

As artists, we know that appearance is everything, it draws attention to your item and makes it look nicer, than say, just sitting like a lump on a table next to a bunch of other lump-like-sitting items. Here are some examples I found online.

I like how the items in this one are put on risers, it draws the eye up forcing the one to notice all the different creations. If they had just been laid out on a table a potential buyer might not notice an item or two and walk away from something that they might have bought if it had drawn their attention. I also like that they chose a simple, solid cloth to drape over the risers. The simple background makes the items really pop.

 What I like about this one is the shutter, It has so much potential and can be used to display jewelry, drape scarves, if you attach twine from end to the other you can display cards. The possibilities here are endless.

Here's another example of using a shutter for display. I love how they painted it to match the paintings beside it.

This is so nice. Everything is laid out nicely and neatly, I'm really diggin that stand.

Love how it's organized and I like the signs, isn't chalkboard paint the best?

This is great, again, great for jewelry, cards, you can even use it to display your business cards along with some pamphlets, I love this idea, I may use this in the future.
Pretty. Great use of some crates and helps to create its branding.

I hope this gives you guys some ideas and gets you excited about doing your own show in your own town. Next week we'll look at different ways of pricing and creative ways to keep track of your cash. Stay tuned.


  1. Love those kitty egg crayons, they are the cutest. And that last photo is so sweet :)

  2. I'm with Melody, the kitty crayons are adorable and the way they are displayed is awesome! I would like to have a display like the 4th one though!