June 25, 2011

Special Saturday Post: Money

Ah yes, money. Kind of one of the bigger reasons for doing a craft show other than trying to attract new people, right? Well, today, we're not going to actually talk about how to get more of it, we're going to talk about how you should price, er, display that price I mean.

There's a couple of ways to do it. One is the no brainer of individually pricing each item. But that's time consuming and uses all of your stickers and price tags and can even effect the look of your packaging in a not so good way. I like the idea of grouping items by price and then putting a sign near that group stating how much it is. You could just print a sign off of your computer on just regular paper but that's not very eye catching. My favorite idea of doing this is chalkboard paint. What ever you paint with chalk board paint (cute frame, cookie tray, whatever) it can be reused forever. Where the printed version will get messed up and end up in the garbage creating more trash in the world. It's much more eye catching and draws attention to your booth. It also let's see passerby's your prices which could draw them and see what's so special for it to be priced that particular amount.

Speaking of money, make sure you have some cash on hand to make change, including bills and the kind that jingles in your pocket and somewhere to keep all your hard earned cash safe. Last Saturday I had a yard sale, and I myself used a cigar box that I kept hidden behind a chair in an area that no customer should need to go. Another way of keeping it safe is in an apron with lots of pockets. It also helps to have a good friend helping you out so that you can have an extra pair of eyes to ward off those with sticky fingers and to help with customers fill out papers, place orders, and hand out pamphlets.

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  1. Great idea, I have a fair coming up in a month and I am going to try this!