June 24, 2011

Friday's Faves: Watches

I use to wear watches all the time, so much it kind of became my signature. Everyone knew who to ask when they needed to know the time; me. I've been thinking about buying a watch from etsy, or buying the face and creating my own watch band for it. So, here are a few of my favorites and then some.

Hand Tooled Tan or Cocoa Brown Bohemian Leather Snap-on cuff watch
What I love about this watch I think is that green face against the golden brown, detailed leather. It's also custom made to fit! And the price is not bad neither, $42 at creativeurges.

Large Tank Color 2in Solid-Bar
If I were going to make my own watch band I'd choose from one of these, the one dead-center in fact. I just love that cool blue. $10 at WhichWatchDesigns

Vintage Russian Mechanical wristwatch Raketa
I think what catches my eye here is the yellow-ish face and the minimalist design. I think it would look great on a man or woman. $54 at ClockworkUniverse

Sorry for the short post today folks. I had more to show you but one person was on vacation and the other item had been sold, but I hope you enjoyed today's post.


  1. I also love watches... usually stick with one basic watch and it was time for a NEW one! Just won an ebay auction for a tortoise and silver Michael Kors that I have been DROOLING over... got it new for half of what I have seen it for anywhere else... yea me!!! And I LOVE that cool blue watch face also... http://orangiesattic.blogspot.com/

  2. I like the yellow watch though I don't actually wear a watch myself. Maybe I should...I never know what time it is and I'm always late for something!

  3. That's great Orangies Attic, congratulations!

  4. Lovely finds! Thank you so much for including my watch!