July 26, 2011

All you need is love

I have a couple of new sets to introduce to you today. Meet, "Recycled Love." (I should start a band with that name).

Recyled Love, at the moment is available in two colors; blue and pink and each color has two sets, one is a ten-card set for $11.80 and the other is a five-card set for $6.00.

They are name Recycled Love for their eco friendliness. The main paper is a recycled kraft card stock and the paper lace was handmade by me from scraps from a previous project. I embossed each heart individually on the kraft card stock and then I stamped "LOVE" on the paper lace which I then attached to the card stock. The inside is blank.

Before I rebooted my shop, I had made these cards for individual sale, but when I reopened my shop I decided to try them as sets and I think they came out adorably.

You can buy them here
Recycled Love in Blue; ten-card
Recycled Love in Blue; five-card
Recycled Love in Pink; ten-card
Recycled Love in Pink; five-card

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  1. these cards look lovely. I'll have to check out your shop!