July 27, 2011

Momless today

Sadly, I do not have an Etsy mom to feature for you today, but, that doesn't mean I don't have some amazing things for you!

I <3 Pinterest, no, wait, I adore Pinterest! If Pinterest were a man I would serenade him and then have his babies. Well, maybe that's going a bit far, but you get the idea. At least once a day, usually at night once the little one is down for the evening I go on Pinterest and browse my favorite categories and then I pin, I pin like crazy. Today, I'm going to share some of my favorite DIY pins.

I actually have some jersey knit tee's that I had butchered trying to refashion, still in my closet, and since I've been dieing for new accessories I think this would be a fun, free way, to update my look. You can get the full instructions here

Another fun, cheap, way to accessorize. Turning craft popsicle sticks into bracelets! You can do so much with these, decoupage them, glue sequins, drill holes in the wood and add charms... the possibilities are endless! View the steps to greatness here.

You know those cheap, $2 flip flops you can get at Target or Wal-Mart or those drug stores? Have you ever tripped over them only to have the strap break off? Well, don't toss 'em! Update them! Here are the instructions

This is super cute and a good use of ribbon or even fabric scraps! Which I have plenty of. You could use a wooden bangle bought at the craft store or one found in a yard sale for $0.25. Find out the how-to's here

Which one's can you not wait to try? I think I'll try the jersey knit bracelets since I already have the material and then I'll try the ribbon covered bangles.


  1. My daughter and I will be making those bracelets!

  2. Great tutorials! I just joined Pinterest about a week ago and am in love! :)