July 01, 2011

Friday's Faves: Books and Writing

 Sorry about the late post guys, the last couple of days have been ca-razy! Over the past few weeks we have been collecting junk items from our church members to have a big yard sale at our house (best location and most space) and yesterday mostly my mom and I and a few others were pricing and setting up, getting ready for the big sale which was held today and will be, tomorrow.

I was so exhausted yesterday after we were done, it was so hot! And after handling so many dusty things I was really dirty. We didn't finish until late in the evening and had begun early that morning, there was so much stuff. Too bad Tessa didn't want to go to sleep last night like I wanted her. When she finally did go to sleep I was too wired from waiting for her to drift off that it took me a good while to drift off myself and then I didn't even sleep that well. So, this morning, to make sure I got my coffee in before the day begun I woke up at 5:30am (and was surprisingly alert, I was already kind of awake before my alarm went off). Mom and I made some last minute preparations; making sure everything had been priced, picking up boxes that had been emptied, getting the change together and such. We opened up at 7am and I was surprised at how much sold, I mean, it is a Friday, most people are working. I'm curious to see how much we make tomorrow. Also, don't expect a special Saturday post, not only will I be helping at the yard sale again I have to do some cleaning at my part time job on top of all that.
When I was younger, at one point, I had dreamed of becoming an author, writing great tales of adventure and great romance. But I didn't feel I had the skill to write something like that, nor the patience. I had all these amazing day dreams and stories that would play out in my head but I just didn't know how to put them to paper. Then later, I wanted to be a journalist; someone who weaved a story from things that had really happened, from facts and research. Only one problem, I was very shy. When I sit down to read and soak in all those delicious words placed on the page before me, I can't help but daydream of being an author, or perhaps a columnist, or a writer for a magazine perhaps. So, today's theme is my love of writing and my love of reading.

Exedra Rosewood and Birch Wood Mechanical Pencil
I'm not one to use a mechanical pencil myself, I prefer the good ol' fashion kind. However, as beautifully and well crafted as this one is, I might just switch over. cgwwood $49.

The Gate Blank Book or Journal
I've been journaling since the Christmas my Mom bought me a children's diary as a gift when I was five years old, up until December of 2010. But there's just something about a blank, bound, hard cover book that draws my attention, calling me to write my own story in it, this one draws me like moth to a flame. TeoStudio $180

Underwood Standard Typerwriter
I use to have a typewriter; nothing as amazing as this one of course, this one makes me want to sit down and manifest the most amazing story ever to have been thought up. bygrassdoll $215

Vintage Letterpress Wood Type
I'd love to have a similar set in my home someday, they'd be fantastic on the wall or as bookends, or perhaps just sitting around randomly on tables. MonkiVintage $40

Websters New World Dictionary
Does anyone even use the dictionary anymore? I go to dictionary.com or look it up on my phone now. Even if no one used the dictionary, this would look beautiful next to a vintage letterpress wood block. SunnyDayVintage $24


  1. Great post, thank you so much for featuring my book. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday with many many sales!

  2. Love the typewriter, it is beautiful.