July 06, 2011

Nickel Design

Tell us your name, the name of your shop and what it is that you do here on Etsy:
Mabel Iriberri, Nickel Design, I create personalized invitations for life's celebrations.

What is your family life like? (i.e. how many children, their ages, names, are you a single mom? Are they supportive of what they do and so forth?)
I've got 2 boys, affectionately called Thing 1 and Thing 2. When they are behaving, their names are Nicky (4 years old) and Daniel (2 years old). They are the reason I work as hard as I do. Not only do I want to be able to afford to send them to college, but I'd love to be able to afford all of the little things that will make them into well-rounded young men. Everything from music lessons to art classes to ice hockey (I have to include hockey or my husband will have a fit : )

Do you have another job outside of Etsy and outside of the home?
Outside of Etsy, I work from home as a freelance print graphic designer.

How do you balance home life, Etsy and work?
I'm very fortunate to be able to work from home. Working from home allows me to have an open schedule. While it's not exactly a glamorous fact that I have the freedom to book their dentist appointment any time of the day that I so desire, I do get a kick out of taking them to the park in the middle of the day. That being said, there are many nights that I'm up until midnight finishing work that should have been done earlier in the day. But every moment is worth it for my boys.
I'm also fortunate enough to have a great husband who comes home after work and kidnaps them from time to time to allow me to finish working without minimal bloodshed.

What made you decide to sell on Etsy?
I love Etsy. Etsy has allowed me to show my invitations to a wide audience. I get such a kick out of talking to my customers and hearing all of their party details. Etsy allows me to live vicariously - attending one party after another - I just wish I could get some cake out of this.

Do you feel pretty successful in your Etsy shop or is there room to grow? If you feel successful is there a secret you'd like to share with us?
Successful - not yet. But I'm working on it! There is definitely room to grow. I love it when someone asks me to design something custom for them. I'm not always in touch with what is popular so it's nice to hear new ideas for parties.

What do you feel makes your shop special and unique?
My shop is unique because I offer a product that you can't buy in a store. My invitations not only welcome someone to a party, but they offer a sneak preview of the celebration and encourage someone to attend.

As Mom's, things get chaotic and find it hard to stay focused, how do you stay focused and motivated?
I stay focused because I have a client that needs something by a certain date. Deadlines are key motivators for me : ) Also, I have to be able to afford to keep the house fully stocked with pull-ups, the consequences of running out are big motivators.

Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
Thank you so much for reading about my little shop! I promise not to bore you with toddler stories when you convo me!

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