July 08, 2011

Friday's Faves: Our Furry Friends

Hello, my name is Sophie, my human is busy today and she asked me to do Friday's Faves, so, naturally, I chose to do it based on my furry friends. So, carry, drag, or call over your furry friend and you both can drool over the finds I sniffed out today.

All Natural Dog Treats Cute As A Button
I would totally eat this. SignatureBonz $5.99

Three Blind Mice eco friendly cat toys
I'm not a huge fan of cats but Mommy said it was biased to do the entire post on dogs. Whatever biased means. And get this! This cat's human let them type of the description! MarvelousMelissa $7.00

Double Sided Hello Blue Pet ID Tag
I'll take two of these clever dog tags please, thanks. id4pet $11.00

Ivory Linen Small Pet Bed
OOooh... I could use one of these in every room. Yep. BreezyBeachCottage $48

Aqua Blue Leather Rose Collar
Bow WOW. I would be the envy of the neighborhood with this one. luxemut $69.95

Oak Canine Caddy Dog Treats Storage Box
Talk about snazzy. WoodTECHWorkshop $148.42

Well, that wraps it up humans and fellow animals. I think my Mom would be really proud of this post. I wonder if I'll get a treat for this?

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