August 09, 2011

Baby shower thank you cards

Last week, I added two new thank you cards, specifically for baby showers.

I used a white card stock, that was cut and folded by hand. In the center, I stamped an image of a Victorian baby carriage with two designs surrounding it, which I think helps to create the focus on the center of the card. In each corner, I stamped a simpler design and then embossed circles around the edge, creating a border to complete the card. 

On the inside at the bottom right hand corner, I stamped "Thank you."

I made the cards available in a light pink and blue. If you aren't sure about the cards, you can always purchase a sample card here.

I'd like to make note of the little bunny in the photos. I had bought that bunny from cindimh of Etsy for my daughter's first Easter. It's so cute, and just the right size for her tiny hands and perfect as a prop for these small cards. Thanks cindimh for giving me permission to use your bunny in my photos!

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